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Experience working in our historic studios

Current members of the Art Students League of Denver are invited to participate in Open Figure Studies sessions and use Open Studio time as detailed below.

Open Figure Studies

Throughout the year, members of the Art Students League of Denver can gain experience drawing, painting or sculpting from a live model.


The Art Students League of Denver has partnered with Swallow Hill Music to include their musicians in select Open Figure Study sessions.  Starting in April, select sessions will have musicians rather than figure models posing while playing an instrument.  Come join us for these exciting new offerings and  listen to some wonderful music.  Please check the model schedule for these sessions.   

See the Model Schedule

The Open Figure Studies will rotate as follows:

Wednesdays, 6:30–9:30 pm
1st and 3rd weeks of each month: Short Pose (nude)
2nd and 4th weeks of each month: Long Pose (nude)
5th week*: Short Pose (nude)

Fridays, 9 am–12 pm
All weeks: Short Pose (nude)

Fridays, 1–4 pm
1st and 2nd weeks: Long Pose with same model (nude)
3rd and 4th weeks: Long Pose with same model (portrait or costumed)
5th week*: Long Pose (nude)

Saturdays 1–4 pm
1st week: Long Pose (portrait or costumed)
2nd week: Short Pose (nude)
3rd week: Long Pose (nude)
4th week: Short Pose (nude)
5th week*: Long pose (nude)

*When a month has 5 occurrences of the specified day.

Long Pose
Model will hold one pose for 3 hours, set by group and monitor.

Short Pose
Model will begin with 30-second, 1-minute and 5-minute poses, working up to 20 minutes.

$7 for members currently enrolled in an instructed class
$9 for members not currently enrolled in an instructed class
Bulk tickets are also available:
$46 for six tickets ($36 for currently enrolled students)
$92 per 12 tickets ($72 for currently enrolled students)

Open Studio Policies

Current membership is required to use any of our open studios. Please remember to sign in and out at the front office when using open studios.

Painting, Drawing & Sculpture Open Studios
All painting and sculpture studios are available for members to work in when classes are not in session.
Ceramics Open Studio
Free to students currently enrolled in ceramic classes. Students who have not completed a ceramic piece by the end of a class or workshop may use open studio time for up to two weeks after the end of your class or workshop only to complete the piece. Please see Ceramic Studio Information for Students.
Printmaking Open Studio
To use our open printmaking studio, you must have a signed Printmaker’s Release Form on file in the office.
Fees for Print Studio:
Currently enrolled: Free studio time + $20 studio shop fee
Members not currently enrolled: $90 per month + $20 studio shop fee

Clean studios are everyone’s responsibility! Please help us keep our studios ready for the next student group by returning all equipment and tools to their designated places after use, and always wipe down and sweep up work areas. Thank you!

Join Today!
A current membership is required to attend any of our open studio programs. Adult memberships starts at $55 per year.


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